Arris router parental controls 

Parental controls are the restrictions on internet access to inept websites. The router is locked down in order to keep the users safe online as the web is not free from malicious attacks. The Arris router login in the parental control setup will be accomplished by the username and password. The login page will appear after entering the IP address in the address bar of the browser. After login, the System Basic Setup page will appear. 

The Arris modem login is used to basically make a setup for a modem. The Arris modem is customized with the help of unique login credentials that can be default or vary according to models. By authorized login, the activities can be performed online under check using parental controls. These parental controls can easily monitor what the user is finding on the search engines. 

The Arris router requires admin and username on the login page. Then you can click on the Apply button after entering username and password. You can easily set up the Parental Control feature to restrict website access. The Trusted MAC address entry is not mandatory. Then System Basic Setup page and LAN Settings page appears and you can configure them accordingly.  

Below are some steps for setting Parental Controls:

  1. Login into the configuration interface. 
  2. Then, click the Firewall tab on the top menu.
  3. On the left-hand menu, click on the Parental Controls and then Parental Controls screen will pop-up. 
  4. There will be a Trusted MAC address field Check the Enable Parental Controls Checkbox and click on the Apply button. 
  5. Configure the Keyword Filtering and Website Filtering options accordingly. The website or keyword you can add or delete by Add or Delete buttons in these two options. 

The Arris router IP is the address that is written in the web browser and when this web address goes to the server, if it is successful then the connection to the admin panel is made where login credentials are needed to be entered in the username and password fields. After enabling the Parental controls certain restrictions on access will be enforced whether it can be on keyword or website. You can set Parental Control on the IP of your router that will offer a high protection layer. 

The Arris router password can be set on the control panel of the router so that anyone can not alter the restrictions you have applied. In general, to limit the occurrence of illegal activities password is enforced. In the same way, the Arris router password prevents the router from illegal use. The router password is one of the most powerful means to restrict malicious login. 
Parental controls in Arris router are enforced to keep the users safe on social media platforms. Using these parental controls the monitoring of online activities can be easily done. Parental controls constraints the content that is harmful for the user. Check boxes are checked and unchecked to enforce parental controls on websites. You can set up Parental controls by a pre-programmed set of instructions or manually as well. If you are cacing any problem with your router  or you concern about How to perform Arris router troubleshooting? must visit this link to know more about Arris troubleshooting